At UNF faculty teach three courses each semester, typically a mixture of lecture courses and lab courses. Dr Malcolm typically teaches General Chemistry and Biochemistry courses.

General Chemistry I Lecture
In her lectures Dr. Malcolm strives to make the complicated calculations approachable and tackle-able for students. Her favorite topics to teach are titrations and drawing simple molecules (VSEPR).

Professor Malcolm’s YouTube Channel
Check out Dr. Malcolm’s YouTube channel that features lectures from her General Chemistry I Lecture as well as recordings of her live remote problem solving sessions.


Biochemistry I and II Lecture
As a biochemist Dr. Malcolm loves teaching all of the biochemistry courses, but the lectures covering ion channels and molecular techniques are her favorite. In class Dr Malcolm utilizes lectures, discussions, and group assignments to teach students the variety of topics in biochemistry and how to utilize critical thinking. 

Biochemistry I and II Laboratory
Biochemistry laboratory courses provide hands-on experimental experience to students, throughout these courses Dr. Malcolm teaches students proper notebook technique, how to critically collect and analyze data, and how to write lab reports.